I recently found this article, 7 future web design trends and thought it was a great summary of some current and future trends that websites need to consider.

Online marketing is continuing to grow at a fast pace in Australia with the Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia (CEASA) report for 2014 showing that 37% of the total ad spend in Australia was spent on online marketing compared to 27% for Free-to-air (FTA) TV.

Google released a new mobile friendly algorithm update this month (referred to by many as Mobilegeddon) after months of speculation and rumours on the impact and severity of the penalties for non-mobile friendly websites.

At Joyer we are constantly bombarded with emails from "so-called" SEO experts telling us our own website has Google errors, has bad links, low search rankings and can be improved if we contact the company.

As another year begins, predictions on everything are popping up online from different business and industry sectors, to entertainment and sports to the weird and obscure.

Recently Google announced a change to remove authorship photos from Google organic search results to simplify and improve the user experience for users across mobile and desktop searches.