As another year begins, predictions on everything are popping up online from different business and industry sectors, to entertainment and sports to the weird and obscure.

online predictions

Social Media Examiner recently posted a great collection of predictions by Social Media Professionals on the key social media trends for 2015.

The key elements we took from the article included:

Paid Content Marketing Increases

The organic reach of social content is continuing to drop as social networks refine their algorithms and encourage businesses to pay to have their content visible to customers. Look for businesses to allocate more of their marketing budget to advertising online via social media and search engines.

Business Video Posts Become More Prominent

More businesses will use video to communicate with customers as the ability to post and share videos across different social media platforms increases and to take advantage of the high level of video user engagement.

Higher Quality Content

As social media noise continues to grow, the quality of the content posted by businesses will increase as businesses look for new and creative ways to stand out and be noticed on social media.

Social Media is one piece of companies’ content marketing strategy and one that requires businesses to adapt as the industry continues to evolve and change.

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