website development

When it comes to establishing an online presence, Joyer provides the whole package.

We recognise that a visually-appealing website is just one element of being successful online. Having a dynamic site, appropriately hosted, and with a suitable domain name is crucial, too. And being able to statistically measure your online presence is a must.

Having a dynamic site: update your own content

Being able to control your own web content means you can keep your site ‘alive’, and make instant changes without having to wait for a service provider to be available. All Joyer websites allow our clients to be in control of the majority of website elements with minimal design skills – and training is provided.

Joyer CMS:

  • allows the user to login and update the website’s content from any computer with internet access;
  • allows the user to upload and embed images directly into the site without using any other software;
  • allows for multiple logins with different levels of security so that different people can control different areas of the site;
  • requires no ongoing software licensing costs; and
  • allows for customised page headers, videos, forms, electronic newsletters and photo galleries.

Website and email hosting

Joyer provides website and email hosting on our dedicated web servers located in a secure and efficient Australian data centre.

Domain name

Getting the right domain name (or names) is an essential element of your online marketing strategy. Joyer can provide advice and register domain names for your business.

Statistics and reporting

With all Joyer websites, our clients have access to detailed website statistics and reporting. Some of the key information provided includes:

  • how many people have visited the website;
  • how long each visitor spent on the site;
  • which website pages were visited;
  • how each visitor navigated to the site (eg search engines, direct typing in site name, link from another site), and;
  • which search engine keywords people use to find the site.