Website hacking is more common than you may think, and when it comes to website security, a bandaid solution won’t cut it.

The mobile app market is massive, and these days, the joke that ‘there’s an app for everything’ isn’t far from the truth. But should you have an app for your business?

It has been approximately 6 months since a new version of Drupal, version 8, was officially released. What is out verdict on the latest version.

Drupal 8, a new major version of the popular open source content management website platform, was launched on the 19th of November after almost 5 years of development.

I recently found this article, 7 future web design trends and thought it was a great summary of some current and future trends that websites need to consider.

Online marketing is continuing to grow at a fast pace in Australia with the Commercial Economic Advisory Service of Australia (CEASA) report for 2014 showing that 37% of the total ad spend in Australia was spent on online marketing compared to 27% for Free-to-air (FTA) TV.