The mobile app market is massive, and these days, the joke that ‘there’s an app for everything’ isn’t far from the truth. But should you have an app for your business?

Mobile App Development

The bottom line is: yes, you probably should.

In the first three months of 2018, Android and iOs users combined installed 27.5 billion new apps. Yep, that’s BILLION. Apps today are what websites were a decade ago – an essential way forward for any business seeking engagement and innovation in a mobile-focused society.

Unlike a website, an app provides the opportunity for two-way communication and is a more direct way for customers or clients to interact with you and your business. An app can also incorporate additional features such as interaction with cameras or sensors, geo-location and even 3D gaming, which simply aren’t available on a mobile web browser.

While having a mobile-friendly website is important, studies have found that 86% of the time people are on their mobile phones, they are using an app rather than a web browser* - so it’s app-solutely (see what we did there?) worth considering the benefits of an app to your business.

It isn’t always easy to recognise how an app can help your business, though, and it’s important not to make the mistake of trying to incorporate every element of the business into one app. Apps with a narrower focus, with scope to update and evolve once users are engaged, can be far more successful than apps which try to represent every facet of a business at once.

Joyer recognises the unique capabilities and functions that mobile technology can provide, and can work with you to design and build an app to suit your business. Contact Joyer for more information.

*Source: Flurry Analytics, ComScore, NetMarketShare