E-newsletters are a popular and cost effective way to communicate with your contacts. This popularity has led to a significant increase in corporate newsletters and as people’s email inboxes fill and they become time poor, having your e-newsletter opened and then read is an increasing challenge.

e-newsletter online marketing

There are some common guidelines that we implement to help our customers cut through the email inbox clutter and help them achieve a greater impact from their campaigns.

Below we have listed some of these key elements to help your newsletter stand out from the crowd.

Link Topics Back to your Website

Use your newsletter to introduce your newsletter topics. Provide enough information to give readers a good understanding on what the article is about and provide a link to the full article, which you host on your website. This will help drive traffic to your website and exposes the reader to more information about your businesses products and services.

Use Other Channels to Distribute

Once you have created and distributed your newsletter campaign, don’t stop there. Look to use other channels to share / distribute the newsletter, increasing readership and impact to a wider audience. Using social media is one great medium to share your newsletters.

Measure your Success

Like all marketing initiatives, take time to review your campaign results, analyse these and make adjustments. Popular third party email services like Mail Chimp and Campaign Monitor include detailed reporting, which allows you to see who is opening and reading your newsletters and which articles are most popular. Use this information to improve future newsletter content and look for follow-up opportunities from popular newsletter topics.

Minimal Design

While having a newsletter design that fits your brand and target market is important, the designs purpose is to compliment and make it easy for users to find and read the newsletter’s content. When designing your e-newsletter, usability and readability need to be key considerations. Keep it minimal and secondary to the content.

Content is King

It is your newsletter content that will get your readers to share your newsletter with their contacts and keep them coming back. Article titles and call to actions need to grab the reader’s attention and including image and video content within the articles will significantly increase the readership of these articles.

Anti-spam Laws

It is important that you are aware of your legal responsibilities in capturing and using email addresses to send newsletters. Australia has clear anti-spam laws which everyone must adhere to. Read them and ensure your campaigns follow the correct procedure.

If used correctly, e-newsletters are a great way to communicate and stay front of mind with your contacts.  With the above tips, your newsletters will have a greater chance of being read and will have a positive impact for your business.

If you would like help creating and sending an e-newsletter campaign for your business, contact Joyer now and take advantage of this great marketing tool.