Who We Are

We are local.

We’ve been based in Port Macquarie since 2004. Our people live locally and understand the challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in regional areas. We take pride in making a difference – both in our business partnerships and through the voluntary support we provide within the local community.

We are diverse.

To every client we bring a combination of business insight, technical know-how and creativity.  We won’t take a narrow view when it comes to our clients’ businesses – we have the skills and expertise to see the bigger picture, and bring it to life for them.

We are experienced.

Our people are broadly experienced and globally aware. This means we bring our clients the best of what is ‘out there’ when it comes to technology, alongside the everyday support and assistance they need.

We are passionate.

We’ve grown from a small, two-person business established in 1999, to a growing enterprise offering a broad range of services. We’ve lasted because we love what we do.